Hecoprima is a fiber brand for sustainable textile application that is produced out of polyester textile waste and recycled PET bottles.

While recycled polyester is normally made from PET bottles only, Hecoprima has succeeded to recycle polyester textile waste together with PET bottles. The idea is to close the loops on material cycles by reusing textile waste as well as PET bottle waste to prevent it from filling the landfill and ocean.

Towards a

better future

For a better future, we need  to close the loop on material cycles by creating a new circular economy system within our value chain. Our goal is to close the loop by establishing an efective value chain in Indonesia through industry collaborations to manufacture high quality, recycled polyester fibers to innovate for a more circular textile industry.

Hadtex  is determined to keep its environmental performance on high levels and follow international safety and regulations. Our products have been tested against harmful substances by the internaional standard. The commitment of Hadtex for environmental sustainability is one step ahead on our effort for zero waste production.

Pcs of bottles recycled every month
Pcs of clothing materials recycled every month


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