Bridal customs in Slovakia

Bridal customs were quite elaborate in slavic nations prior to the Christianization. These customs were altered after becoming Christians, and many of them became a part of community and temple rules. Various changes in the role of women and their position in society came along with this procedure. A Slavic woman was once regarded as a wife and mother second, then her husband’s companion, and finally the companion of every member of the family. Slavic women are renowned for being devoted and embracing wives who also esteem their husbands for this reason.

A Slav wedding had to give her upcoming spouse a priceless gift before getting married. It was a metaphorical means of assuring her and their kids that he would look after them. Also the couple’s home would occasionally assist her with the present because its price was so high. Typically, the surprise was made of silver or silver. Additionally, it was typical for a wife to wear her hair in plaits to signify her readiness for union.

The couple exchanged vows while standing on a rectangular cloth ( rushnik ) during the ceremony. Then violet and heather wreaths were used to crown them. It was thought that these vegetation represented adore and eternal life. Subsequently they ought to kiss three periods. They should then bow to the four directions, starting with the South ( white, air ), West ( red, fire ), North ( black, water ), and finally the East ( green, earth ).

Sharing a karavai, or square wheat, is one of the key customs that has persisted to this day. Now, this is a straightforward festival in which the bride and groom sing and share bread in particular get. The karavai used to be baked in a specific means, kept secret from anyone until the appropriate time, and next ceremoniously shared.

Following the wedding, the couple attended a gathering known as kalachins. It happened at the sister’s home a fortnight after the bride. It was a chance to meet the couple’s family and friends. The princess’s relatives should be praised for raising their child on the kalachins.

A kazani was even a part of the kalachins, where the pair was introduced to one another’s family and close friends. A dance and music performance followed the kazani.

Russian women have almond-shaped eyes, protruding chins, and very broad foreheads. They typically have sturdy personalities and are extremely attractive. They are known for being content in long-term interactions with relatively minimal divorce levels and are very committed to their people. They regard officials and energy structures, but they are not afraid to defend their rights. They are knowledgeable about their respective faiths and constantly seek to better themselves. They can take care of their homes and are excellent hosts. These seductive Ukrainian women excel at creating strong families and caring for their husbands and kids because the slav society places a strong emphasis on family life.

Bridal customs in Slovakia
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