Hadtex Enhances Marketing Communication Strategy for Sustainable Fiber

Aug 12th, 2022

To keep innovating, Hadtex carried out a comprehensive review of its marketing communication strategy to enhance its position in sustainability of waste to textile recycling. Furthermore, Hadtex will intensify branding activities as an effective means of communicating for sustainability advantages of its recycled fibers more broadly to the market. Our marketing communication strategy aim to raise awareness around the importance of sustainability in textile to create a better tomorrow.

Hecoprima provides a sustainable innovation for textile industry. With Hecoprima®, Hadtex aims to establish an effective value chain in Indonesia through industry collaborations to manufacture high quality, recycled polyester fibers and innovations for a more circular textile industry. Hadtex collaborated with CRIF as well as Digestex Media partners to launch Hecoprima, a high quality fibre to fibre recycling product suitable for the fashion industry.

Press release :

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