Introduction of Higg Index for Sustainable Textile Players in Bandung

May 19th, 2022

Hadtex together with Closed Loop Fashion has successfully held introduction of Higg Index for sustainable textile players at Bandung Convention Centre (BCC), Bandung. This event was held on May 19th, 2022 from 08.30 am to 3 pm. The Higg Index provides a tool for the apparel and footwear industry to assess sustainability throughout a product's entire life cycle, from materials to end-of-life. Plans for a future version include the creation of a scoring scale designed to communicate a product's sustainability impact to consumers and other stakeholders.

As textile sustainability movement is a big concern of Hadtex, this event is a part of Hadtex campaign to introduce Hecoprima as sustainable fibre for apparel and footwear industry. Along with this event, Higg Index FEM facility tool from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) & other EMS platforms, introduction about other Higg Tools, Brand Retail Module (BRM), Product Module (PM), Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) and Facility Social & Labor Module (FSLM) has been successfully covered. Moreover, the seminar also discussed about Environmental Management System, Energy & CHG, waste, wastewater, etc.

PT. Hadtex alongside with PT. Superbtex, PT. Harapan Kurnia Textile Indonesia and PT. Great Thiofilus Perkasa has enthusiastically attended this event to gather more information about Higg Index as suite of tools for the standardized measurement of value chain sustainability. Based on data, around 25 participants has participated during this event. During the event, participants have gained a lot of knowledge about Higg Index for sustainable purpose and the implementation as well. Since this event has been successfully organized, the participants wished that this event could be regularly held in the future.

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